Kindergarten and First Grade Video

What the Science Says About How Kids Learn to Read

The debate on how to teach early reading has raged for a century. But for the last few decades, the cognitive science has been clear: Teaching young kids how to crack the code—teaching systematic phonics—is the most reliable way to make sure that they learn how to read words.

Video Duration: 3:54

Reading SOS: Expert Answers to Family Questions About Reading

In this special Reading Rockets video series, experts answer real questions from families about reading and how to support their children’s literacy at home.

Video Duration: 3:18

More About Collin

Learn the importance of and ways to develop literacy skills for children with special needs.

Video Duration: 3:32

Reading and Writing Together

Doing reading and writing activities with your child can help them develop both skills and interest in literacy.

Video Duration 8:09

Building Vocabulary and Comprehension

Discover useful and fun ways to enhance your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language.

Video Duration 5:29