About Us

Reading Tips for Families was created to provide web based reading tips, ideas, and resources for Ohio’s families.

The Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Exceptional Children and the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities (the Coalition) are collaborating in the implementation of the State Personnel Development Grant, funded by the United States Department of Education. Through this partnership, the Coalition will continue to build and develop an early language and literacy website for families of emerging readers. This website, Reading Tips for Families, will host reading definitions, activities, and resources that engage and educate families, while meeting requirements for disability accessibility and accessibility for non-English speakers.

The Office for Exceptional Children has had a long standing relationship with the Ohio Coalition  going back three and a half decades, when their offices were adjacent to one another in Worthington.  The focus of the Coalition has always been to represent the parent perspective, specifically to families of children with disabilities, and parent engagement.  The Coalition and the Office for Exceptional Children have partnered through the State Personnel Development Grant on many worthwhile projects.  These include engaging parents in activities to share information, in order to build and increase families’ knowledge and skills in supporting their children’s learning, both in the home environment and at school.  The Coalition and the Office for Exceptional Children were thrilled to bring to Ohio the nation’s foremost expert in Parent Engagement at the time, Dr. Joyce Epstein, to speak to the Parent Mentor group nearly ten years ago.  More recently, the partnership embraced and supported the systemic change work begun at Bowling Green State University by Dr. Mary Murray and her colleagues by instructing teachers in the use of the Parent-Teacher-Partnership model.  This leads parents and teachers to value each other’s expertise, which results in student outcome improvement, both academically and behaviorally.  The work was expanded to several universities in Ohio and continues toward the goal of Parent Engagement. 

The Coalition believes that parents are the first teachers of their children. Our role is to support parents for the best outcomes for their children.  The Coalition is honored to continue to partner with the Office for Exceptional Children to improve the lives of children so that they can reach their highest potentials!